To LiveLoud is to live a life where service to others and humanitarian contributions are inspired by the slogan “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”.

Our Mission to Inspire

  • Accomplishing goals without making excuses
  • Following through on commitments
  • Serving others

Denver Colorado’s Channel 4 filmed a story about Eric for the nightly news in 1999 (when he was eleven years old). The story is significant because it not only captures the struggles Eric has been overcoming his entire life, but also shows the world his Warrior spirit and huge heart! Please take 3 minutes of your time to view this incredible story!

Click here to watch the Video!

Our Mission:

  • To inspire people to live a life where excuses do not exist and actions speak louder than words.
  • To promote the importance of being in service to others through contribution to those in need.
  • To raise funds for cancer research centers, disease treatment services, and Christian-based substance abuse and incarceration outreach programs.